Automotive Industry

Over the past 10 years, our R & D is mainly focused on this sector, developing specific processes and machines for the manufacture of various components, in order to save material in the manufacturing process.

In DENN, we understand your needs and we have the solutions.


Flowformed Wheel Rims

The weight reduction and improvement of the mechanical properties are main benefits of the flowforming process .

DENN provides high accuracy CNC Cad-Cam machines specially designed for the After-Market and OEM industries adapted to each customer’s production volume.

  • Specific horizontal and vertical flowforming machines for cast and forged wheels.
  • Rotary Forge + Flowforming


LW1-51 CNC
LW1-75 CNC
LW3-130 CNC
LW3-200 CNC
LW3-245 CNC

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