Traditionally, DENN has supplied equipment to manufacturers of this sector, both for spinning and flowforming technologies as well as special equipment for auxiliary operations from other technologies.

In DENN, we understand your needs and have the solutions.



There are various applications of buckets. Some of them made 304 grade stainless steel are used in pharmacy and laboratory applications and they can be even manufactured by having internal graduated measuring intervals and internal & external perfect surface quality. No welds to collect bacteria. They can be easily sterilized for food or surgical use. Another common uses are an ice bucket, gardening and entertaining. It makes excellent storage and a decorative accent piece. Mild steel or even galvanized buckets are also used for building purposes (cement) and other domestic uses. Aluminum and tin buckets are also of common use for baskets and decorative furniture. DENN last generation of spinning machines have a multi tool changing device offering different tools for shear forming, spinning, beading, etc. in order to obtain the components completely finished in only one set up.


NTR-100/30 CNC

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