Pipe, Oil & Gas

Pipe manufacturers for fluid transportation and channeling, to withstand extreme environmental conditions, use special anticorrosive steels. To obtain the required thicknesses, manufacturers can start with preforms that avoid material loss by using our flowforming range of machinery.


Petrochemical Industry

Tubes in this Industry, with a variety of materials in superalloys such as Inconels, Duplex F55 and similar are used for overheat steam and exhaust generator steam applications, included in power plants. The standard manufacturing process is to machine the parts starting with pieces up to 90 mm thick and reduce them by milling process down to 20-35 mm. with our very heavy duty flow forming machines, there is no need to machine the parts hence getting huge cost sacings in the manufacturing process.

Another field to consider are the termal power plants. When it comes to turbines, diameters of tubes go up to 800 mm and 35 mm thick, with materials as ASTM F91, A182 series , F92 or F22.

Largest form forming machine in the world, up to 1800 mm diameter, has been built also by DENN. A very close relationship and trust with our customers allows us to be one of the main suppliers of state-in-the-art flow forming machines in the world.

2, 3 , 4 and even 6 roller flow forming lathes are available at DENN. Just let us know your needs and requirements, and we will be glad to work with you. Machines up to 65 mm in wall thickness are available.


RL-60/150 CNC
RL-70/250 CNC
RL4 70/340 CNC

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