Chemical & Medical

This sector requires vessels and containers, among other components, manufactured with non-corrosive raw materials such as stainless steel. The technologies developed by DENN adapt perfectly to this kind of material work and allows optimizing the costs of tooling, intermediate stocks and overhead-costs.

In DENN, we understand your needs and have the solutions.


Separator Parts

Conical flowformed stainless steel components are commonly used in centrifugal separators for bio fuels, petrol, oil and gas (boats), renewable resources, power, energy, etc. This sort of equipment can be easily found in every industry that processes fluids, separates solids from liquids and liquid mixtures of different densities or viscosities, removes contaminating oil particles, implements extraction of active substances and the concentration or dewatering of solids. DENN machines are fitted with fine regulation system for the working rollers offering a quick set up time which, together with the electric slide control system gives perfect performance to our customers.


NTR-100/30 CNC

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